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Aww, I love Cesare and Lucrezia's Eskimo kisses!

Hi, Barbara!

Hi, Linda!

Well, I still think that The Borgias could've continued without Neil Jordan. It wouldn't be the first time a showrunner left a show that continued without them. Many shows have done that before, like Lost and The Walking Dead.

Where did you read the interviews where Jordan didn't like the Cesare/Lucrezia romance? And again, as Francois and Holly had said previously, what did Jordan expect? If he wasn't going to get them together then what was all that interaction for across the first two seasons? He can say that it wasn't his intention, but he didn't have to have the two of them act so romantically with each other. Look at the other Borgia TV show. Cesare and Lucrezia didn't actually have sex in that one if I'm not mistaken, but they came damn close a couple of times. Jordan needed to remember Anton Chekhov's rule: If you show the audience a gun hanging on a wall in the first act, it must be fired by the final act or it shouldn't be there. Well, Jordan hung that gun on the wall going all the way back to season one, so if he didn't fire it he'd be betraying the audience.

And if Francois admitted that Jordan actually told him and Holly to go ahead and do all the things he didn't want them to do, then he's equally guilty. And it's not like they didn't do those things in the first two seasons. If Jordan didn't want that, he wasn't very strict with them about it, regardless of whether or not he felt "forced."

And as a writer, Jordan of all people should know that his Apocalypse storyline would've contradicted too many things from his previously established storyline across three seasons, so if he had made Apocalypse the way he wanted he'd have been accused of lazy and inconsistent writing.

Oh, and thanks for the info about that fan who Tweeted to Francois. I don't think it was necessarily a stupid question because it's the kind of question I've heard before. But you're right that it's out of context because you can't really compare the two couples. And yeah, ironically, Francois had better chemistry with the actress playing his sister than the one playing his love interest in Midnight, Texas.
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