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Originally Posted by secretk (View Post)
It's definitely better this way . I would have at least some time for myself.
... which is so important!

We will meet at the building there around 8:30 am which means that I have to get up around 6:30-7:00 am.
Ugh. With travel and not too many hours of sleep tomorrow will be rough.

You are driving so this makes sense. Not only I don't drive I would not even want to try it out. As a result I use public transportation anyway so I have no issues with this.
Oh yes, we are different in this way. I cannot stand feeling out of control not in charge of my transportation. I don't even like going in friends cars, lol. I prefer driving if I can help it.

To be honest even 1:40 is too much for me. I really do not like flying. Everyone wants to sit by the window to watch and I do not care about this. Like at all. In fact if I watch through the window I would get nauseous. Flying is really not for me .
I can't stand it either. I can get through an hour and a half flight (which is approximately what it is from Minnesota to Ohio) but a 3 hour flight to California is tough, let alone Europe being 7/8/9 hours.

It is terrible. I hate it. I also hate going through checkins and security at the airport. I hate waiting for my luggage hoping that everything is in tact. I hate being worried that they might want to check everything in my backpack. Flying seriously sucks huge time for me. I hate traveling in general, but flying is on another level of hate.
I'm with you. Hope today goes by really quickly for you.

I will listen to music in the plane and while waiting. I am prepared. I have my second phone that I use for player as well as my mp3 player. I also have portable battery so that I could charge them. If I have no music with me I will get insane .
Music is everything so glad you have it.
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