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Originally Posted by The Apt (View Post)
Glad you have your own room.
It's definitely better this way . I would have at least some time for myself.

What time will you need to start working Monday morning? You will definitely be tired. I hope you can get some sleep very soon after you get checked in.
We will meet at the building there around 8:30 am which means that I have to get up around 6:30-7:00 am.

You're right... I am not even really scared of flying. I just hate being out of control, you know? I don't like the feeling that I am just sitting there and have to leave it up to strangers who are flying me through the air.
You are driving so this makes sense. Not only I don't drive I would not even want to try it out. As a result I use public transportation anyway so I have no issues with this.

I hate your ears going muffled. Sinuses act up as well. Sometimes my ears will hurt as well. Well, the flights will be short at least. You won't have to be in the airplane for too long each time.
To be honest even 1:40 is too much for me. I really do not like flying. Everyone wants to sit by the window to watch and I do not care about this. Like at all. In fact if I watch through the window I would get nauseous. Flying is really not for me .
Yes, I hate hanging at the airport too. It's awful. I remember when I flew home from NYC several years ago. I was alone and the flight was delayed. It was terrible. I was hating the experience so much. I just wanted to get home.
It is terrible. I hate it. I also hate going through checkins and security at the airport. I hate waiting for my luggage hoping that everything is in tact. I hate being worried that they might want to check everything in my backpack. Flying seriously sucks huge time for me. I hate traveling in general, but flying is on another level of hate.

Will you listen to music in the plane and while you're killing time at the airport?
I will listen to music in the plane and while waiting. I am prepared. I have my second phone that I use for player as well as my mp3 player. I also have portable battery so that I could charge them. If I have no music with me I will get insane .
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