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Originally Posted by The Apt (View Post)
I got a bunch of different kinds.
. I got some dried fruits and nuts with me for the trip.

You're right. It doesn't hurt to explain and ask about it.
For sure .

They won 1-0. It was so hot though. I was miserable. My headache started to get worse (the dull ache pain, not the nerve pain) but when I got home I drank a bunch of water, had some food for lunch and it got better.
Great about the win! Sucks that it was so hot . Good that you managed to get better with food and water. Here is everything but hot. Today is a little bit better, but yesterday and Friday it was too windy.
No siempre los hace felices (a los humanos) obtener lo que quieren, ni siempre lo hace infelices no obtenerlo. Si la felicidad esta hecha de todo aquello que se pueda alcanzar, solo es posible la infelicidad.
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