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Brandon♥Kelly #74: "If you really want something, you have to go after it...hard." - Kelly

Made by: Marki

W E L C O M E T O T H E 74th

"I was thinking which of your accomplishments is the most spectacular [...] It's marrying Kelly"- Jim

They will forever be the Blondie & the Boyscout of the 90s decade.

♥ T h e C h a r a c t e r s

1. daritah (Adara) || 2. Chica_Priestley || 3. abbeyroad6282 || 4. starsprite || 5. True Daisy lover || 6. angelface211 || 7. >>Val_haydenlover26<< (Val) ||
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1. Because the cute-at-first-sight observation was mutual.
2. Because the way he called her "Kel" was really attractive.
3. Because she refers to him as "Bran the Man"
4. Because they kissed for the first time in front of everyone
5. Because he hates dancing, but he danced with Kelly
6. Because they make a good team
7. Because Dylan said to Brandon: Anytime, you want to borrow my girlfriend, go right ahead.
8. Because he is considerate and sensitive
9. Because she kept, wore and cherished the ring
10. Because he defended her when he didnt even know her
11.Because he thought she was cute right away
12. Because they could have gotten married
13. Because he made her a better person
14. Because if he were on the finale, they would have been together
15. Because they define elevator kiss
16. Because he was there for her
17. Because she loves him with all her heart
18. Because his deepest love was for Kelly
19. Because she wanted to tell Dylan that she’d finally chosen
20.Because Jennie predicts Kelly is with Brandon now on a tropical island
21. Because Jennie enjoyed kissing Jason more
22. Because she enjoyed working with Jason the most
23. Because Jennie said Kelly and Brandon were a great fit
24. Because he welcomed her to stay in his world
25. Because she liked being in his world and wanted to stay in it
26. Because she remembers everything HE'S ever said to her
27. Because it wasn't a line.
28. Because the look they shared at the end of Addicted to Love said it all.
29. Because they'd both always wanted the kiss to happen.
30. Because they almost had a baby.
31. Because whatever happens, it's their ring.
32. Because Jennie knows Kelly & Brandon are meant to be
33. Because he wanted to see her with the ring on and nothing else!
34.Because they'd been through a lot together but were still in love with each other.
35. Because they both love distractions
36. Because “take the brass ring, Kell. Marry him”
37. Because to be crazy about Brandon Walsh is not to be nuts
38.Because they looked into their futures and saw each other
39. Because she wanted their wedding day back
40. Because it will always be Blondie and the Boy Scout
41. Because the kiss wasn't just nice, it was more than nice!
42. Because they will have a house full of children someday
43. Because "all I know is this life, and in this life, I'm with Brandon"
44. Because he always supported her
45. Because his obsession with her would last much longer than 15 minutes
46. Because "you're the most beautiful woman I know"
47. Because he didn't need her to be perfect, he loved her anyway
48. Because she's the one person he's ever wanted to spend the rest of his life with
49. Because she spent her entire summer with him in Minnesota
50. Because he gave her what she always wanted.
51. Because he was never "just another guy", and he never will be.
52. Because "with you, I am happy"
53. Because "I don't want you to evolve without me"
54. Because pretty flowers for a pretty lady from a pretty nice guy
55. Because "Brandon, I adore you"
56. Because without him she felt more lost than ever.
57. Because he wants her in his life. Always.
58. Because they were potential parents.
59. Because they're "everyone's favorite couple".
60. Because everyone knows they're perfect for each other.
61. Because it was the logical conclusion they would eventually marry
62. Because the wedding episode was a slap in the face for every fan
63. Because he'd been having dirty thoughts about her all night.
64. Because after the kiss they couldn't stop thinking about each other.
65. Because Jason knew B/K were cemented by real love and the problems that they overcame.
66. Because he can bang her gavel anytime.
67. Because beach walks are their thing.
68. Because proposals are their thing.
69. Because two proposals means third time lucky.
70. Because others will come and go, but they'll always be the "royal couple"
71. Because one day she'll become the one and only Mrs Brandon Walsh
72. Because he always knows what she needs.
73. Because Brandon has "good instincts" when it comes to Kelly.
74. Because he thinks she "feels" great
75. Because Jennie thinks Kelly is best with Brandon.
76. Because he was the one person she needed most in the world.
77. Because eye sex is their thing.
78. Because she let herself feel for him and think about him.
79. Because when you love someone but it goes to waste... Could it be worse?
80. Because everywhere I am, there you'll be.
81. Because they're the greatest fans of each other's lives.
82. Because they're best friends and always will be.
83. Because they didn't wanna be "just friends".
84. Because she dressed up for HIM.
85. Because she has everything when she's with him.
86. Because their love for each other is what really kept her alive.
87. Because Kelly loves Brandon. With all her heart.
88. Because he remembered their first dance.
89. Because noone else will have me, only you.
90. Because "I'm not gonna give you up without a fight."
91. Because He. Could. Go. All. The. Way.
92. Because please forgive me, I can't stop loving you.
93. Because she forgave him, because she can't stop loving him.
94. Because "never underestimate the power of love."
95. Because they had persuasion sex!
96. Because she was pregnant with his child
97. Because all she knows is that in this life, she's with him.

K to B : “…If you really want something, you have to go after it. Hard.”
[S1, Stand up and Deliver]

B to K : “…You definitely look more than cute…”
[S1, Spring Dance]

K: Brandon I have a confession to make
B: What?
K: I thought you were cute since the first day you moved here.
B: I’d say that’s mutual.
K: Than what’s been stopping us?
B: …not that I haven’t given it a thought or two…
[S1, Spring Dance]

K: Don't you think we make a great couple?
B: I guess I don't... it's like I know you too well or something.
K: What if we were complete strangers?
B: I'd probably be in love with you.
K: Can't you fake amnesia or something?
[Season 1, Spring Dance]

A: …It is possible to just be friends with a guy.
K: Not if he’s adorable. (referring to Brandon)
[S2, Play it Again David]

K: I think you and I make a good team.
B: I think so too.
K: Whoever said all the good ones are taken obviously never met you. You’ve got to be the best catch on campus…
[S4, Addicted to Love]

B: You know the last time I really danced was with you, two years ago at the spring dance — was I that bad?
K: No, you know what I was thinking about? When I made a move on you."
B: I thought I made a move on you?
K:...You did do one thing good that night. You told me that if we were perfect strangers you would be in love with me.
B: I did say that didn't I? Tell me something, do you remember everything everyone's ever said to you?
K: Not everyone.
[S4, Change Partners]

K: I can't play this dating game any longer.
B:...Maybe if you just made yourself a little less irresistible next time?
K: You always know just what to say!
[S4, Change Partners]

K: I don't know if I should let myself feel the feelings that I'm starting to feel, think the things that I'm thinking... What would Frank Capra do right now?
B: Well, I think Frank would have the guy lean in and kiss the girl. The camera would pull back and the music would rise...
K: No, I don't think that's what he would do.
B: You don't?
K: No, I think he would have the girl lean in and kiss the guy.
[S4, Mr. Walsh Goes To Washington Pt 2]

K: I like being in your world, Brandon. I want to stay in it.
B: Well, you’re welcome to stay in it as long as you want.
[S4, Mr. Walsh Goes To Washington Pt 2]

K: Brandon, I adore you.
[S4, Mr. Walsh Goes To Washington Pt 2]

B: Have you seen my socks?
K: As a matter of fact, I have...
B: Why are you wearing my socks?
K: My feet were cold
B: Well can I have 'em back now?
K: If you want 'em back, you're gonna have to come and get 'em.
B: You wanna make me late, that's it, right?
K: No, I just wanted a little more distraction...
B: Well, why didn't you say so?
[S5, What I Did On My Vacation And Other Stories]

K to B: “I wish you weren’t so sexy.”
[S5, What I Did On My Vacation And Other Stories]

B: “Kelly I love you.”
K: “I love you.”
[S5, Life After Death]

K: Couldn’t you just stare at the tree forever?
B: Yeah, the tree is nice, but, if I had my choice I’d rather stare at you.
[S5, Christmas Comes This Time Each Year]

B to K: “You don’t have to be perfect, that’s not why I love you.”
[S5, Christmas Comes This Time Each Year]

“Kelly when I look at you, I see the most beautiful woman I know.”
[S5, Christmas Comes This Time Each Year]

B: "I am glad you're happy"
K: "With you, I am"
[S5, Little Monsters]

B: …If I’ve been selfish lately, I’m sorry. It’s only because I love you.
K: I know.
[S5, Little Monsters]

B: "I love you. I came here to try and save our relationship but if that's not what you want, just say the word and I'll walk away"
K: "... I can't say that."
[S5, You Gotta Have Heart]

"Kelly's very hard on herself. So hard in fact that sometimes it's painful to be around her ... Especially if you love her. Which I do."
[S5, Stormy Weather]

K to B: “You can never underestimate the power of love.”
[S5, Alone at the Top]

B to K: “…the only thing around here that I’m soft on is you.”
[S5, Alone at the Top]

B: Kelly, Emily is in France and I’m here with you. That’s all that matters.
K: Good, because I love you and I think about you and me in the future and all that.
B: You do?
K: Mmhm, and I’d have to stop thinking that way if I couldn’t trust you.
B: Well, you can.
K: Good.
B: You know Kelly, there aren’t many people that you can imagine spending your whole life with. To me you’re that person
[S5, Unreal World]

K: …did I happen to go on and on about how much I love you.
B: You did kind of let that slip.
K: I thought so.
[S5, Unreal World]

B: You know I’ve been sitting in there having dirty thoughts about you all night.
K: About me or the girl in the magazine?
B: Lucky for me both and I want you to know that my obsession with you will last much longer than 15 minutes.
K: how long?
B: mmm, 16 (kiss)…17(kiss)…oh, what the hell I can probably stretch it to 20 (long kiss and hug).
[S5, Girls on the Side]

K: You’re the best.
B: No, you’re the best.
[S5, The Real Mcoy]

V: Do you think Kelly is like your soulmate for life?
B: …I’m not planning on going out and getting married tomorrow, but I do see a future there. So, yeah.
[S5, The Real Mcoy]

K to Dy: Look you may have traveled back in time and found me as your soulmate. But, I haven’t. All I know is this life, and in this lifetime I’m with Brandon.
[S5, Hello Life, Goodbye Beverly Hills]

K: (with the ring in her hand) It’s beautiful.
B: It’s no trip around the world, but I do think we could take quite a journey together.
K:…You didn’t have to get something like this to show me that you love me.
B: I know I didn’t Kelly, but I’m not gonna give you up without a fight. Will you marry me?
(Kelly subtly nods her head yes)
[S5, Hello Life, Goodbye Beverly Hills]

B: Now I know it seems like a big thing Kel, I’m not saying we should do it right away, I’m just saying I want to spend the rest of my life with you.
K: I do love you.
B: Is that a yes?
K: It’s not a no.
B: Well, that’s a start.
B: My parents are moving to Hong Kong, and the house is gonna be empty and I’d like you to move in with me.
K: We don’t need a ring for that.
B: But we do. It’s a sign of commitment and I’m not saying you have to put it on right away, but, if and when you do I’ll know what that means…
[S5, Hello Life, Goodbye Beverly Hills]

B: You know Kel, we’ve been through a lot together […] and we’re still in love with each other. I think that means a lot. You know what I’d really like to see now?
K: What?
B: I’d like to see you with that ring on, and nothing else.
K: That sounds like a good idea.
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