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Originally Posted by Jerry D (View Post)
It's about 3-1/2 Hours from here.
That's a nice little drive.

Duluth, Minnesota, sits right on Lake Superior. Duluth is a gorgeous city. It's only 2 hours from the Twin Cities so it's always fun to take a road trip to Duluth for the scenic beauty, playing around in one of the Great Lakes.

We live right by a lake, Lake Conroe, but it's not as nice as Canyon Lake. The place we stay at is right by the lake. We'll take some pictures.
Please do, sounds wonderful!

I get mine stuffed with cheese.
Yum. LOL

We're getting Italian take out this evening. I am looking forward to it.

My nieces won their game 1-0. It was so hot during the game my t-shirt was soaked. I ended up sitting with the parents of the team. It just kind of happened that way. We were walking and bumped into my brother-in-law who guided us to our seats. I typically sit away from the parents. It was okay today though. The heat was the only problem. Both my nieces have colds/sore throats at the moment. My sister is sick too. I always worry about Sara, especially, because her asthma acts up when she gets a cold. She's going to the pediatrician tomorrow just to make sure her asthma is under control. She needed her inhaler more than once yesterday and today after the game too. So it's a good idea just to make sure things are okay. I bet half the high school has some sort of infection right now, lol. That always happens when school starts up again.
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