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Originally Posted by The Apt (View Post)
We just got back from Sam's Club... it's a store that sells things in bulk. Sometimes you find great deals. I purchased a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables. The meat there is a great price too. I got some really good gourmet coffee, too.
Sounds good! Love me tasty fresh fruits .

Going to the store actually helped my head, maybe it was the movement and sort of getting out. It's super humid so it's possible my sinuses opened up some, I have no idea but that dull ache is even slightly better now.
That's good!

I just don't know what the specialist could do besides give me medicine when the attacks occur. I know it's not a tumor or anything major because I've had cat scans/mri's before for migraine stuff. So it's not that. He'll probably confirm a neuritis type of pain like occipital neuralgia then have medications to choose from. I hate taking meds past Advil and Tylenol. I don't even take anything for migraines really and was offered a bunch of migraine meds. You're right though, the specialist could offer suggestions that I've probably never heard of. Maybe there's even some sort of physical therapy that precisely helps this. When I go for my neck and back I will mention the headaches and see what the new spine specialist says and then go from there.
In any case it does not hurt checking out. If you are not happy with the their ideas, you are not obligated to follow them.

Thanks! It's perfect timing... just putting away the things from Sam's and leaving shortly for the game!
How is the game going?
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