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It's up to $2.2k with 7 days left goal $2.800 needed.

Like I posted before $1 dollar from all lurkers would save the site.

You will only be charged if the site is saved.

There may actually be a miracle at this point!

It's $600 dollars now needed!


Originally Posted by straws (View Post)
The irony of the one guy she didn't want to stick around (in the early years at least, we know by S7 she was fully admitting to wanting/needing him there) being the only one who never left.
I think eventually Buffy secretly didn't really want him gone.

I think she talked a big game but by Season 5 he was a constant person in her life even if it was that he annoyed her.

I don't think after being tortured by Glory & not telling her about Dawn she wanted him gone.

We know Buffy for sure deep down Season 6 didn't want him dust.

She saved him twice in TR from being staked. The second time without her memory.

Then of course she saved him from Xander later from killing him after seeing Spike/Anya together.

Buffy couldn't get there fast enough to stop him.
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