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Stelly {Steve/Kelly ❤ Jennie/Ian} #10 — Because Kelly will always think of him as of her first love

steve ❤ kelly
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❤quote of the thread
Steve — Despite all the things we’ve gone through, all the fights, all the stupid things we’ve said to each other; I still love you, Kelly. And I don’t care what you say because I know deep down inside you love me too
Kelly — Maybe, but not the way you mean
Steve — There's lots of different ways of loving someone
Kelly — Then, I guess in my own way I love you too, Steve

❤pic of the moment

1. They're each other's first love.
2. Because Steve is the only one who makes Kelly laugh
3. Because they bickered like a recently divorced married couple and we loved it
4. Because they knew each other since kindergarten.
5. Because he lost his virginity to her.
6. Because they used to imagine what their kids would look like.
7. Because at 15 she wanted to marry him.
8. Because they complimented each other well with their blonde hair and blue eyes.
9. Because she was the first one he told about his adoption.
10. Because it took him 5 years to fully get over her.
11. Because he'd always love her and in her own way she'd always love him.
12. Because he told her about her surprise party.
13. Because he rushed to the hospital to see her when she passed out at her party.
14. Because they danced together at Senior Prom.
15. Because he saved her from getting raped during the Halloween Party.
16. Because they had 15 minutes of "fun" in, "BYOB."
17. Because they're the only ones of the original cast that went out before the show started
18. Because she stood up for him at, "Take Back The Night."
19. Because she warned him about John Sears taking advantage of a 15 year old girl for him to stop it
20. Because she helped him dress like a girl
21. Because she forgave him after learning he spread rumors about her in highschool.
22. Because he couldn't picture his life without her in it
23. Because she stood up Chuckie, after Brandon told her about how he tormented Steve about his adopotion and picked him up to drop him off at the bus station.
24. Because when he had to leave the Christmas dance, she left with him, holding his hand.
25. Because she missed him during Christmas
26. Because he surprised her at the Walshes when he got back
27. Because she was the godmother of his daughter
28. Because Kelly didn't only really love two guys in her life. She loved three
First loves
Prom Dances
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Sex on the beach

"Smile" — The Rave-ups
"Miss You Most At Christmas Time" — Mariah Carey
"Winner At A Looseing Game" — Rascal Flatts
"More Than A Memory" — Garth Brooks
"The Man In Love With You" — George Strait
"2000 Miles" — The Pretenders

Steve and Kelly- Baby Love
Steve and Kelly
YouTube - Kelly & Steve - Beverly Hills 90210

Don't Make The Same Mistake Twice By oooLALApaige
Love Isn't Always Easy By oooLALApaige

❝I can't imagine my life without you in it❞

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1. Blondies (S/K): B/c they always cared about each other.
2. Blondies (S/K) #2- B/c he would take her back in a heartbeat!
3. Because "I'm still in love with her"
4. Blondies (S/K) Because they kept each other's secrets.
5. Blondies (Steve/Kelly) #5: Because She Forgave Him After Learning He Spread Rumors About Her
6. Because, In Her Own Way, She Loved Him Too.
7. Because If Kelly Would Take Him Back, He'd Go In A Second.
8. Blondies (Steve/Kelly) #8: "I’ll always be partial to Kelly and Steve." - Charles Rosin
9. Blondies (Steve/Kelly) #9: Because she saved him from the false accusations of being a rapist.
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