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I just dont agree with you Lisa. I dont think he was that good. His jury management SUCKED. He couldnt just own up to the game moves he made. And I'm sorry but when you are playing with IDIOTS its not exactly like he did a lot to get to the end. HE COASTED. The comps he won he didnt even need to win. He never fought to save himself once during the season he had other people do all the work. SMH. Then he didnt even apologize for his black face suggestions in the house and basically called everyone "sensitive" for not understanding the humor in his actions. Yeah okay buddy.

Also Cody winning America's Favourite Houseguest? Welcome to the Twilight Zone.
He is such a douche. At least Jason owned up the comments he made and apologized. Cody basically told everyone to F off. Thinks that Trump is right that transgenders shouldn't serve and also didnt care that he offended people by calling transgender people "it" and "tranny".... What an class A douchebag.

I think April is right though, i think it had more to do with America sending a message to the players.

I was shocked that Cody didnt vote for Paul. I didn't see him voting for Josh AT ALL. I'm so glad Marlena at least came through. And that stupid Alex was bitter.

Personally I loved Josh and am so happy he won. And another POC winner FINALLY. its about damn time.

Watching The Good Place season 2 premiere
I'm so confused I just checked Netflix today and didnt see it?!?!?!

I just watched another episode of bb3 and I want to punch Rody! He was pissed that Amy didnt use the veto on him yet, he wouldnt give her a vote to stay? Come on dude. And then talked down to her UGH. GO HOME.

Also enjoying American Horror Story this season. Finally a simplistic storyline that is just people being awful and not weird supernatural crap.
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