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Arinna: yes I know, I've never liked Manfred & Creek's relationship in Midnight Texas and probably never will, one of the main reasons is because they totally lack chemistry, Sarah Ramos is the only female co-star I have seen who I think lacks chemistry with Francois, which is surprising because Francois usually has good chemistry with most of his female co-stars. I think he has more chemistry with both the actresses who play Olivia and Fiji in the series, and he's not even paired with either of these ladies in the series


Thanks alot for posting my b'day!
Yes Neil Jordan probably would've continued to be the showrunner for S4, but when you work on a production there are many other co-producers and writers and other colleagues working with you and often they can influence your ideas and decisions. From all the interviews of Jordan, Francois and Holliday that I have watched and read, it sounds to me like Jordan was never particularly keen on the incest storyline. Yes he wanted to portray Cesare & Lucrezia as the perfect couple if they weren't siblings, so he wrote the siblings' relationship with incestuous overtones from the beginning, but I don't think he really intentionally wanted to take their relationship to that next level as he did in S3 when the siblings became fully incestuous both emotionally and physically. And let's not forget that both Francois and Holly had argued with Jordan about the incest numerous times during filming. Francois even mentioned in one of his interviews for S3 that Jordan told them "everything I told you guys not to do in the first 2 seasons, do them now", which implies to me that other people may have greatly influenced some of Jordan's decisions and that his hand might have been forced regarding some of those decisions. In the case of Cesare & Lu's incestuous relationship, I do get the impression that Jordan was never too keen on taking their incest so far as he did in S3, but rather it seemed to me that the decision to take their incestuous relationship to the next level in S3 was really other people strongly influencing Jordan (probably mainly Francois & Holly themselves) and he eventually relented in the end. This is further supported by the fact that Jordan completely destroyed the siblings' relationship in his book after the series was cancelled...the whole tone of Jordan's book completely changed, there were too many inconsistencies in the book that contradicted the series, including Cesare & Lu's incestuous relationship, it just feels like Jordan might have wrote the book out of spite, perhaps trying to get back at the people who had influenced him and forced his hand when he worked on the series. After the show was cancelled and Jordan worked on his book, he was finally free to write whatever he wanted, there was no one else there to influence him or force his hand in any ideas or decisions anymore. But if Showtime had commission a S4, then other people would've continued to influence his ideas and decisions on the show and he would've continued to bend over backwards to please other people. I think Cesare & Lu took their relationship to that next level and became fully incestuous both emotionally and physically in S3 because Jordan had bent over backwards to please Francois, Holly, the other producers and of course us fans. It's obvious to me that both Francois and Holly themselves were a lot more keen on the incest than Jordan was, and he was probably aware of just how popular Cesare & Lu's incestuous relationship had become with fans and shippers also, so he eventually relented in the end.

If they had made a S4, I definitely think a lot of the writing from Jordan's book probably would've been changed, he probably would've faced quite a lot of opposition from some of the casts and maybe even the other producers and writers. Considering the fact that Francois & Holly themselves argued with Jordan several times during filming over the incest plotline, I find it hard to imagine that they would've approved of the atrocious writing and garbage Jordan wrote in his book, I think they probably would've wanted a happier ending for Cesare & Lu in S4 I also think Jeremy Irons probably wouldn't have been too happy with how Rodrigo died in Jordan's book either.

I'm not sure if you guys know this but a fan recently tweeted Francois a question asking him if he prefers Cesare & Lucrezia's romance better or the Manfred & Creek couple in Midnight Texas...of course he didn't answer the question because he "didn't want to get into trouble" with fans, but I personally think it was a stupid question. I mean, how can you even compare Cesare & Lucrezia's heartfelt and brilliantly compelling lovestory, to the dull and boring Manfred & Creek? Not to mention Francois and Sarah Ramos completely lacked any chemistry together in Midnight Texas they're completely and utterly NO match whatsoever against the incredible and electrifying chemistry Francois had with Holly!

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