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Originally Posted by Lxury (View Post)
The Big Brother finale was so AGGRAVATING. Like, I basically hate everyone in that house but I didn't know they were THAT bitter and stupid. The fact Paul didn't win is hilarious. These people are nuts.
At this point, I just wanted an entertaining finale, and I got it.

I think some jury members were bitter (Alex and Jason), but I think people like Mark and Elena just were really turned off by the personal attacks that Paul promoted and instigated. Cody . . . I don't know, maybe he just wanted one last **** you to Paul.

To anyone saying Paul was robbed . . . he played strategically and dominated the season, but there were several major flaws. I just watched an interview where Paul claimed he sent people off to the jury house on a good note, and I'm thinking . . . NO! You sent them off there continuing to lie to them. And Josh, to his credit, had the common sense to tell them the truth. Paul also overplayed. He shouldn't have tried so hard to keep the blood off his hands. He should have just owned it. Be apologetic about it, but own it.

Also Cody winning America's Favourite Houseguest? Welcome to the Twilight Zone.
I'm watching the Rob Has a Podcast interviews now, and several cast members are legit shocked. They have NO IDEA how this season and how their behavior was perceived. Not that Cody was a saint, either, but . . . it was America's **** you to the cast.

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