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Hi, Linda!

Well, if Showtime had commissioned a season 4, Jordan would still be running it, don't you think? And he's just end up ruining things... unless Showtime decided to replace him as show runner and go in a different direction than the one Jordan had planned with his stupid Apocalypse script.

Yeah, having Lucrezia poison Rodrigo and Cesare is stupid considering she was living in Ferrara and the time with her third husband. It's incredibly inaccurate to the history. And what would her motive be? She kills her father because of those arranged marriages? And she has even less reason to kill Cesare. And why would she risk the chaos that would engulf Rome, as well as her family, if both Cesare and her father died?

You really think that Francois and Holly would've fought Jordan on this issue, Linda? Too bad we'll never know now. And we'll also never know the reason for Jordan's decision to forego a fourth season and attempt that stupid Apocalypse movie.

Oh, and I'm glad you like my idea about Ces and Lu continuing their relationship even after her third marriage. Yeah, that third marriage was hardly a marriage and all, and Lucrezia and Alfonso d'Este were never faithful to each other anyway.
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