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New thread: Cesare & Lucrezia #48: "I am tired of my husband. I am tired of life. The only thing that never tires me is you." - Lucrezia to Cesare

New thread: François | Cesare #27: Because we hope Francois' new show gets renewed for another season!

New thread: Joanne | Vanozza #17: Because Joanne plays great royalty!

New thread: The Vatican [OT] #52: "Make sentences. Nouns! Verbs!" – Sikozu to Crichton

New thread: Elyes Gabel/Prince Djem Appreciation Thread #12: Because Elyes does great musical numbers!

New thread: The Borgias Follow the last letter game #29: Vittoria - Alessadro - Orsini

New thread: Besides The Borgias, what else are you watching? #4
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