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Favorite Episode Survivor Game #5 (Season 4) - New Season, New Survivor!

Game Rules:

Every episode starts off with 20 points. When the episode hits 0, it is out.

IF an episode reaches 100 points, it is "safe" for that round and cannot be voted for or against until the next round.
If none of the episodes reach 100 points, the round will simply be ongoing.

In each post, you add 1 point to your favorite episode and subtract 1 point from your least favorite episode.
Please bold and mark your choices accordingly.
(Note: At any point in the game, we may choose to either add or subtract more points for the sake of moving it along.)

IMPORTANT! Make sure you refresh your page right before you make a new post to see if someone has voted right before you. And adjust your vote accordingly! It is also a good idea to wait several minutes in between your posts.

The current episodes are all from Season 4.

HAVE FUN and remember that some people will have different opinions on the episode than you do!

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