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Originally Posted by Renata M. (View Post)
ETA: Thanks for posting that Amy quote. I think they get each other more than anyone else, it's always been like that. Just wished to see more of that in the revival.
No problem. I think it's important to figure out where Amy's mind was. I know she said that she doesn't have a favoured boy for Rory ,which I think is crap, because when she had Jess up against either of them it was always Jess she tried to make look better most of the time.

She dumbed Dean down and upped his temper tantrums in seasons 2 and 3, and she upped Logan's drunken antics, and general jerkiness in season 6, in turn making Jess grow into this amazing settled successful man who 'knows Rory better than anyone'. You can't tell me that's not a plan.

Here is another quote from Amy I posted in the NoRoLo thread, but I will post it here too...just to have so we can all smile about it .


“Jess and Rory have other things in common other than the make-out, other than the sex. You know, the sex is there, which is nice and enjoyable for all those who want to enjoy it, but they have the books and the music and the reading and the literature and the intellectual standpoint, and you can’t ignore the fact that there is a meeting of the minds there.”

“Logan and Rory’s relationship has never been based on deep talkin’. Their relationship has been based on ‘Let’s have fun! Let’s avoid reality! Let’s just go play and party!’ And Rory doesn’t want to avoid reality anymore.”
Rory/Jess - It is what it is.
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