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ASOUE Easter Eggs #2: Digging for clues until the new season arrives!

Easter Eggs

One of the great things about this adaptations is there are references galore to the larger mythology of the series, all sprinkled throughout the episodes. I'm sure a list already exists elsewhere on the web, but let's create our own. Please feel free to share any you come across.


Episode 1x01: The Bad Beginning, Part 1
Episode 1x02: The Bad Beginning, Part 2
Episode 1x03: The Reptile Room, Part 1
Episode 1x04: The Reptile Room, Part 2
Episode 1x05: The Wide Window, Part 1
Episode 1x06: The Wide Window, Part 2
Episode 1x07: The Miserable Mill, Part 1
Episode 1x08: The Miserable Mill, Part 2


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