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Sweet dreams, this Texas theater is hosting a clowns-only ‘IT’ screening

Earlier this summer, beloved dine-in movie theater chain Alamo Drafthouse pissed off the Twitter-basement-dwelling #GuysLivesMatter crowd when they announced women’s-only screenings for Wonder Woman. HOW DARE THEY DISCRIMINATE AGAINST ME FOR HAVING A PENIS IN THE SAME WAY I HAVE DISCRIMNATED AGAINST THEM FOR NOT howled the Gamer Gate-sympathizing mouthbreathers who have never spoke to a woman long enough to consider them a living, breathing entity anyway. But Alamo held firm and the y-chromosome-less screenings went ahead as planned, and everybody moved on to bigger fish fries, like Russian spies, neo-Nazis, and the inevitable heat death of the universe.

Yep, it’s been a tough year.

This fall, however, Alamo Drafthouse’s original Austin haunt is taking their selective showtime troll-job to a whole new level with a clown-only screening for the upcoming (and mattress-wetting) adaptation of Stephen King’s iconic horror novel, IT.

that's amazing

that would be so creepy at the theater is this like in Scream 2 when everyone was wearing the Ghostface masks? What could go wrong
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