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I'm donr! So here are my Thoughts!

My favourite Character of S02 is Definitely without a doubt Amber! Through the entire Season! She had such a crap Year. She lost her only Friend, Her Father shows up and leaves again, and then she doesn't can go to College! I totally get her Point! She didn't act! This wasnt the Amber from S01 but still Amber. It was a different Side of Her. She wanted to be a good Student and a good Kid but it didn't work out for Her. I'm so sorry for Sarah when She got the News about Amber... College and Hospital! And Drew was so Hurt and crushed when He saw His Sister in the Hospital. That's why he yelled at Her!

I also think it was the Start of "Franny Banks" she was writing in many Scenes this Season. Maybe ime wrong but I have a Feeling. She keeps writing till S03e07 or 08.

The Family Moments from S02 are pricey! The happy and the dramatic Scenes. Crosby totally grew up in this Season! And totally messed up in this Season... I'm glad He learned from His Mistake.

Julia my Heart cries with you! She had a hard time too. It's hard to imagine how horrible it must be. She wants a Baby but can't get pregnant. Poor Girl!

Adam/Kristina/Max/Haddie having a mixed Year... I would say that Max deserves 1000 Emmys for His Story! Especially this Season! Haddie is kind of selfish when she moved out and said all those things to Her Parents. Good that She apologized! And how funny was the Phone call Scene!!! And the crazy imaginations from Adam and Kristina! Maybe she gave her Phone to a Friend. Hahahaaha!

Zeek and Camille are really loud in the middle of the Season. I'm glad they ok now. It would've been the end if the would split up. The Show wouldn't be the same.

I'm so happy they found a REAL Seth! John Corbett is perfect for this Role! I had no feeling for the other Guy. I know it was the Pilot but still...
Lauren and John having a strong connection! I love their Scenes together!

Now let's talk about Lauren! She looks perfect! Her smile her crying, her yelling, her laughing! All in all priceless! And Peter looks at her many times. I guess Lauren was the professional part back then. Mae and Lauren can be proud of Their Friendship and Scenes! I adore Them!

So that's it. I'm starting with S03 next Week!
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