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Originally Posted by tanaja (View Post)
I felt the same watching it too. But then came the twist with last four worlds. And Logan was back in the game. At least he will always be in Rory's life.
I would like to see new installment as soon as possible
But we don't want want Logan anywhere near her life..that's why those words are such a bummer. And yes I want more eps ASAP also, especially because I am shallow and I don't want them to be looking too old lol.

Anyway I guess Amy has her conflict set up beautifully now, whether we like it or not.

And I forgot to mention how much I hated the Life and Death Brigade nonsense. They are so unlikeable, which I can happily tolerate if they make me laugh, but they are in no way funny and that was 10 minutes of my life I won't get back. I can't believe they wasted money on that scene, but cut back on a wedding fans have been waiting on for years. It makes no sense.

Also that scene when Logan puts the hat on her head and frames her with his hand could have been a nice scene, but then when the camera focuses on him he has that creepy smirk on his face yet again, and then just waltzes away from her. I honestly don't feel like he would sacrifice anything to be with her.

They also made it clear that Mitchum doesn't want Logan with her as he made a point of bringing up Odette in front of Rory. Could you imagine how awful her life would be if she became a part of that thanks.
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