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Kira's powers

Hi! I'm new here I've watched Orphan black from start to finish absolutely loved the series and really enjoyed this last season especially the finale. I'm just a bit confused about one thing. This almost psychic ability Kira has, what is it? Why is it never explained or explored to me it seemed as the only little bit of plot that I didn't understand. It's very much so possible there was a subtle explanation that I didn't pick up on or perhaps the idea was it was never meant to be explained by science because it simply couldn't be. But it just felt to me they created a little idea with it that they toyed with over the seasons but then kind of used and then let die in the last.

I hope everyone else enjoyed the show! I know I did. Any answer anyone has is appreciated!

Obviously as I'm brand new I haven't seen all the posts if this thread has been created and answered before I'm really sorry! But could someone link me to the thread and I'll read through it there.
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