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More random thoughts. I’m caught up for now.
Funny when Adam looks jealous when he catches Gordon flirting with Sarah.
Seriously, Adam needs to set work boundaries!

Joel and Julia – trying to have a baby. I’m not too interested in that. Joel doesn’t seem too keen. Sarah was funny trying to get into the club.

Haddie really annoys me. I forgot “April” was in this show. And poor Drew kissed her and she wasn’t in to it. Sad. Awkward that Adam had to have a double date with his sister. I wish we could have seen more of that.

Adam is jealous of Sarah and her going to the trade show. I was glad Adam went to the support group. He had to realize it was important to Kristina.

What is it and with this family and barging in on each other at their jobs. Julia is too overbearing with Sydney. If Sydney wants to be Ms. California, then that’s what she should be. I also love Halloween. I think Kristina is too controlling about Halloween. I know she wants to protect Max, but if he wants to try trick-or-treating, she should let him try. Trying to control every aspect doesn’t help. If he freaks out or isn’t having a good time, they can leave, but let him have the real experience. Lauren looks so cute in the cat costume. Amber as a banana was funny.

Sarah was right to tell Kelsey’s mom. It’s the Mom Code, even if it sucks. I forgot about Haddie and Alex.

Jabbar is too cute, calling Crosby a boat guy. Sarah and Gordon in the limo makes me a bit uncomfortable. I feel bad that Adam is angry all the time, but glad that he let it out. Ooh, Sarah’s in trouble with Drew and Amber! Again with siblings just dropping by the workplace. I love the ending scene with the siblings on the boat.

Whatever happened to Zeek’s financial issues? Were they solved?
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