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Originally Posted by Litlover73 (View Post)
I have watched the revival now and surprisingly I really loved it. There wasn't as much Logan as I was fearing and as a couple they were as they were in the series..boring as hell. I once again didn't feel any spark between them at all. I thought Logan's engagement was a business arrangement, but Odette was there in his bed when Rory called and he obviously had zero plans of changing the situation. And for Rory it was the comfort of having someone familiar in her life when she was flailing, and the scene when she kept dialling his number is Amy telling us that Logan is a habit for Rory...a bad habit.

Considering this is vaguely how Amy wanted season 7 to go this all kind of makes sense. At the end of season 6 he was going off to London and during season 7 Rory was struggling with what she would find herself doing after Yale.

However now, not only are they boring, but they are both being unfaithful in a no strings arrangement. Is this a situation that Amy would set up for a couple she wanted to live happily ever after way in this world.

I agree with the Gilmore Guys in this one. The revival is 1000% team Jess and not team Logan.
Hmm, I never looked at it that way. Maybe now I will.
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