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Originally Posted by Litlover73 (View Post)
The revival is 1000% team Jess and not team Logan.
I felt the same watching it too. But then came the twist with last four worlds. And Logan was back in the game. At least he will always be in Rory's life.
I would like to see new installment as soon as possible.
Originally Posted by Litlover73 (View Post)
At the end of season 6 he was going to London and during season 7 Rory was struggling.
Yes, and they would both find new partners and in the end she would be pregnant with (maybe already engaged) Logan.
Originally Posted by Litlover73 (View Post)
I once again didn't feel any spark between them at all. I thought Logan's engagement was a business arrangement, but Odette was there in his bed when Rory called and he obviously had zero plans of changing the situation.
Well, Matt is a good actor, but it's pretty clear they don't have the same chemistry than Alexis and Milo. Clearly, they were never a real life couple.

I don't know why - but I just keep thinking about Odette. She seems such an amazing character with enormous potential.
I'm not sure if arranged marriages still exist in 21st century. Would then Odette be some sort princess Diana and Rory Camilla?
Or maybe it's not really an arranged marriage and he actually likes Odette enough? But he still has some nostalgic feelings towards his college girlfriend Rory and wants to be with her for some time before the wedding?

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