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Originally Posted by stlavin95 (View Post)
^ I hope so Besides these two, what's the longest you had to wait for an couple you liked to get together?
Oh gosh, I don't know. Probably Darvey for now. Tbh, before I want them to drag it out. 7 years later, I'm getting impatient.

Originally Posted by ds44 (View Post)
I love Darvey too and its frustrating the heck out of me. I like her mini appearances, I don't think she needs to come back full time at all. Her exit was perfect. If you guys are interested I do a review of Suits weekly for — Television, superheroes, movies; we write about the finer things in life.
Yeah, we don't need Jessica to come back full time. She left and it's pointless having her back. If we see her in small doses, that's fine. As long as it's within the whole context of the storylines we're getting and not just cause we want Jessica to appear. Thanks for the link!

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