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More random thoughts

Episode 10
Steve is a jerk. It doesn’t matter that he’s not with Haddie anymore, you don’t then sleep with her cousin. Doesn’t he know any other girls?
Zeek is still a jerk. He has no empathy.
I’m glad Amber told Haddie the truth, as much as it was hard to do.
I love the scenes between Sarah and Camille. I also always love the family scenes. Helping Crosby move his piano was fun.
Zeek slightly redeemed himself at the end, but only slightly.

Episode 11
Poor Max doesn’t realize the Autism walk is because of him. Kristina was a bitch at the school. Technically, Steve and Haddie had broken up. But I agree, it does suck to have the guy you just broke up with sleep with someone you are close to, whether they are a friend or relative. Go Team Braverman!

Episodes 12 and13
Haddie does actually look great with the darker hair. That scene between Sarah and Mark was so sad.
And Zeek lost all his redemption from the last episode by being an ass to Crosby.
Amber shouldn’t have run away, but I understood why she did it. And it sucks that Sarah always feels like a failure. But glad Sarah and Amber had a great conversation at the end.
When Zeek sings, “there’s a pretty girl in the neighborhood”, Peter was looking at Lauren. So cute!

Season 2
Episode 1
Zeek is way too stubborn to be making repairs, he won’t listen to anyone, and now it’s his fault the barn is in need of repairs. And he is so overbearing.
Kristina is so crazed about the driving instructions. She can’t expect Haddie to learn how to drive when she’s yelling at her the whole time. She can’t put her hands on Haddie when she’s driving.
Adam really needs to set some boundaries with his family just showing up at his work.
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