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Originally Posted by fmaldy24 (View Post)
I just can't believe that a boss would be allowed to just go to an employees house and barge in - i just find that a weird storyline. I don't see how that would be ok.

It's interesting you mention the door because so many times people just waltz into the apartment and it doesn't seem to be locked - and after the fuss he made about Justin leaving the door open when he got robbed - I know he's home a lot of the time but he should still have the door locked and not just let anyone waltz into an unlocked door.
In real life it would probably not happen, boss coming to employees loft, or if something like this should happen, police would have to be involved probably, but this is still fiction world and there are more storylines that are not realistic. It ws used to help evolve story more dramatically.
Yes, thats truth also, the experience with robbing. And usually he seems annoyed when people come in unannounced, so he could just lock the door and relax For example when he had cancer, he really wanted to rest and be alone. But maybe he secretly wished that people would come in? You know that it was only outward appearance to show that he is annoyed when people disturb him but in reality he did not want to be alone.
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