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Charmed Crossword Puzzle #7: We're the protectors of the innocent, we're known as the Charmed Ones. Current: 2x06 That Old Black Magic

Please only answer one at a time. Refresh to see updates.

All questions are from The Painted World (2x03)


7. Piper was talking to Phoebe while putting away __ with __ in each box.
9. __ is the name of the book in which Phoebe tested her spell with first.
10. The painting apparently had a(n) __ visible by X-ray.
13. __ was the approximate time Jenny rung the doorbell.
18. Phoebe appeared to have been drinking __ in the morning that she read the paper.
19. The painting was dated back to the __s.
21. __ brought back the painting after it had been X-rayed.

23. Jane used one of her powers to set a(n) __.
29. __ was what needed to be said to get out of the painting once you were in it.
30. Phoebe sent __ into the painting to get a message to her sisters.
34. Phoebe drove Prue's car into a(n) __.

35. __ seemed to be the approximate time Piper noticed Prue was missing.
36. Jenny was apparently at the house for about __ (time) but it didn't seem like it.
37. Piper made a reference to __ when she noticed how smart Phoebe was being.
38. Phoebe was at __ when she called Piper about driving Prue's car.
39. When Phoebe went to a place to see about a job the woman handed her a(n) __.


1. __ was one of the books Phoebe presumably had read which was next to where Piper had put the X-ray.
2. __ was what the person who talked to Phoebe while waiting for the meeting had in his hand.
3. Phoebe had a pink top with a(n) __ on it while talking to Prue about her car.
4. Miss __ (first and last name) brought the painting to the auction house.
5. The man claims he was trapped in the painting for __ years
6. Phoebe was carrying a(n) __ with her when she met Dan at the club.
8. __ was a gameshow Phoebe knew all the answers for.
11. Prue had a __ bag in her hand when she was talking to Piper about the painting the next morning.
12. Piper asked Phoebe what was up and the first thing Phoebe mentioned was the __.
14. The body shop charged $__ to fix the car.
15. __ was the name of the building in the painting.
16. __ was the name of the witch that trapped the man in the painting.
17. Phoebe was __ minutes __ seconds late meeting Dan at the club.
20. Oil on canvas __x__ dimensions
22. Prue seen what she thought was a(n) __ coming from the window's painting before she moved closer to look.
24. __ (name) was on the pink bag that Phoebe had a present in that she opened at the club.
25. One of the people who convinced Phoebe to just leave before filling out the papers at the job mentioned __.
26. The person trapped in the painting wrote __ on the window.
27. Phoebe cast a(n) __ on herself that she wrote herself.
28. __ was the name of the man in the painting.
31. Phoebe had until __ the next day to return her papers.
32. According to Phoebe, Prue's life expectency is about __ years.
33. The receptionist went to __.
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