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Thanks .

Almost time for a new Thread , Title ideas?.

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light is easy to love
show me your darkness
I love our story. Sure it's messy but it's the story that got us here.

The reason that Oliver loves Felicity is because Felicity has allowed him to get in touch with pieces of his personality and his character that he thought were long gone. And, even better, new pieces that he never knew were there. So she makes him a better person- and thus, he loves her. Stephen full quote about why Oliver loves Felicity.
What game are we playing? Playing the reason that you know so much about Ghost is because you've been helping the team behind my back.
“My point are not me. You are the CEO of a kabillion dollar company and Oliver is not your father. He loves you. No one has ever looked at me like he looks at you.”
“At the Christmas party from hell you said you were going to propose and you didn’t because you weren’t sure our relationship could survive this kind of life. And here we are fighting. Fighting our way through the danger instead of running away from it. Isn’t that the whole point of marriage? To get through the hard times because we are together not in spite of it."
"I thought I lost you… I’m here. I’m here."
"I love you, I Love you...I love you. ILY ILY."
"It was a Holiday party."
"You're coming with me."

"She lightens him up, he got smiley and he really liked her."
Careful, careful, slow down, careful. Do you want me to be careful?.
Oh, This is more Oliver 2.0, isn't it?.
“I love you. I love you too."
What am I getting? You ready? Wow! When you said that you made some bad personal style choices you weren't kidding.
You're not that person anymore. No.
"There's always a nervous energy when you kiss somebody, and we had known each other and are such good friends before in such a platonic, non-romantic way. It instills some of the nerves that are needed, that make a good kiss."
EBR (@EmilyBett) thanked Stephen (@StephenAmell) for calling her his best onscreen kiss. "Thank you Stephen." Said it was very sweet of him.
If she had found Oliver bleeding in her car for real she would have called Fanta asking for help with the super hot bleeding guy.
"I have to pick between WWE & Felicity Smoak?, I'm gonna pick Felicity Smoak."-Stephen Amell
“Must be nice to have someone down here who speaks Felicity.” - Oliver
Felicity:How did you ditch your security detail? Oliver:I used to ditch John Diggle.
"Emily Bett Richards for the win" -Stephen Amell
Emily is Stephen's partner in crime.
Emily and Stephen are partners in crime
“You know I thought maybe we could hold off on the criticism for a little while.” - Oliver to Felicity
“Okay because there’s a lot.” - Felicity

"Before they were lovers, Oliver and Felicity were teammates. Partners. And it was that relationship that was on full display in “The Recruits.”
Their chemistry is electric — Nora Dominick, Emertainment Monthly
Sometimes you can’t really predict when fate might intervene and bring together two actors that, when together, bring the kind of chemistry and heart to two characters that Stephen Amell and Emily Bett Rickards have done with Arrow’s Oliver and Felicity.
“Felicity or me?” - Prometheus to Oliver
Oliver: “I’m sorry about Billy. He was a good man.”
Felicity: “Like you.”
Hey! Are you hurt?, I’m gonna be okay.
@StephenAmell:*No place I’d rather be for #InternationalWomensDay than a dimly lit space with @EmilyBett & our kick ass director Wendey Stanzler.
You'd let the world burn to keep him safe. No, it's more than that: You would light the match.
“Where is Felicity?”
We don’t have anyone who can pull data off a bullet ridden laptop
Cut titles from scripts.
"I'll remember this when you have kids."
His conviction speaks volumes about what she means to him.
A perfect kiss, the kind you wait your whole life for.
Shame on you if your heart didn't melt a little just then.
Our two loves melting into each other's arms, a series moment worth waiting for.
A seminal moment in the life of the series
“For the past four years, you more than anyone have seen the toll it has taken on me. You are willing to sell your soul to destroy a threat that I created.” - Oliver to Felicity
One of the reasons I fell in love with you is because you are willing to do whatever it takes to save this city - no matter what the cost. You have sacrificed your soul for the city, the team…for me. How can I not do the same? You don’t have to carry that burden any longer. Let me do it.
— Felicity to Oliver (Arrow 5x19)

"I’m sorry.” - Oliver

These arguments between Felicity and Oliver are excellent as they combine all of the characters' messy, complicated (and sometimes romantic) history into some brilliantly acted exchanges.
'Arrow' Recap: Team Arrow Has To Fight ... Felicity?

What Felicity says in that final scene, and really what she and Oliver say to each other throughout the entirety of this episode, reminds us of how essential their relationship is to Arrow‘s DNA. As we’ve seen numerous times throughout Arrow‘s five seasons,

When she tells him that he no longer needs to carry the burden, that she can take it for him, that’s some powerful stuff. Seriously, if that’s not love, I don’t know what is.

Arrow Season 5 Episode 19 Review: "Dangerous Liaisons"
Wendy called #Olicity "our heroes" and that **** made me emotional because YES THEY ARE HEROES
“You know, we don’t need you. We need ten of you.” - Felicity to Oliver in flashback
“You know me too well.” - Oliver to Felicity (Flashback)
Oliver: This seems like the best option right now.
Felicity: Besides the one I just gave you
“Seriously, are you still not listening to me? Did the EMP give you short term memory about what we were just arguing about?” -Felicity to Oliver about climbing up the elevator shaft
“I told you so. I told you so. I told you so. How many times do you think that was? ... 11, I think which is totally not enough.” - Felicity to Oliver
“Regarding Helix, you know why I didn’t back your know, or you should know, it had nothing to do with a lack of trust.” - Oliver to Felicity
“Careful, don’t breathe...well, breathe, but don’t inhale.” - Felicity to Oliver
This could be the fumes talking but I have a insane idea.
“Please don’t miss.” - Felicity to Oliver
“I don’t flourish well.” - Felicity to Oliver on the salmon ladder
“I’ve had a lot to drink.” - Felicity to Oliver
“It’s okay...hang on, hang on...not that tight...not that tight.” - Oliver to Felicity
“Oliver, Oliver! Oliver!” - Felicity to Oliver as he passes out
“This could be the fumes talking, but I have a slightly insane idea.” - Felicity to Oliver
“How insane is slightly insane?” - Felicity
Felicity: I'm not ready... Yet. Oliver: I'm not going anywhere.
Never gonna get used to [seeing you close to death]. Ever.
— Felicity Smoak to Oliver Queen
“Some things are just meant to be.”-Arrow twitter(CW_Arrow)
Once again, A long awaited episode centered on Oliver and Felicity, Amell and Rickards fell right back in sync with each other. It’s Every time they share a scene, Arrow suddenly makes sense. In both timelines, Amell and Rickards prove why they work so effortlessly together
Well, if Felicity Smoak can’t find him then I feel better about Chase not finding him.” -Oliver to Felicity
“Your father inspired you to save this city. And you did. You’re not a killer. All of the people you love, their life is better - my life is better - because you decided to become the green arrow and whenever you decide to be the Green Arrow again.” - Felicity to Oliver
Maybe it's time to stop living for your father and start living for yourself." --Felicity to Oliver
''I would like that very much''
“Hypothetically dating my ex-fiancé”
Now that Felicity and Oliver have been sharing scenes together, Arrow falls back into place. and the sexual tension is palpable.

“We are not leaving you here.” - Felicity to Oliver
''We’re going to talk about that, right?’ ~Felicity to Oliver as she points to Slade
“We’re going to talk about that.” ~Oliver
At the core of their relationship is this trusting foundation that allowed them to gradually evolve from strangers to friends to partners to soulmates. When it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be.
Fangirlish: 8 Superhero TV Couples We Love to Love
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