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Outcasts | Murphy πŸ’˜ Emori | #4: Their love has reached new heights... in space!

The Shippers:
001. Cryptic
002. Leelith
003. kiss the wind
004. Spacewalker
005. Way Too Keen
006. Lxury
007. April7739
008. brave princess
009. kenni727
010. vanityten
011. girl under the floor
012. pretty lies
013. lisagslack14
014. Stelena&Bamon
015. Xelphia Kenny
016. Let'sRocket335
017. the1marie


Why We Love Memori:
"Personally I love Memori because their love is so light.
Just seeing them together smiling is extremely infectious.
I never thought that Murphy would develop a relationship like this until Emori showed up.
Seeing as at the time he was not well liked by a majority of characters having
someone come in with a different perspective and open mind was almost emotionally lifting.
Emori gets being the outcast, and I think that's what does it for me.
They have such similar situations that they just know..."-Quillan


Cheek Kisses
First Kiss Scene
Making Each other Laugh
Making Each other Smile
Defensive Murphy
Hand Holding

Forehead Kiss
Non-Chipped Sex Scene
Non-Chipped Neck Kisses

Fan Fiction:
--To Be Edited


Future Thread Titles:
"You're cute for a thief."
"Because they have the cutest ship name ever."
"You let her go right now."
"I'll do whatever it takes to be the mistake you can't live without."
"You're the only light that's breaking through the window."
β€œYou’re not the only one here trying to save someone you care about."

Favorite Scene Survivor Winner

Past Threads
001 // 002 // 003 // 004 // 005



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