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I couldn't resist and finished the first Season this Weekend.

Oh oh oh Zeek! Why is he soooo stubborn and pride?! His Kids wanted to help Him and he is just such an proud idiot and tries to tell adam "it need 2 for that" such a Bull****! Poor Camille! I feel for her and I totally understand her Feelings.

Crosby and Jasmine are really great together. But I think Jasmine is kind of selfish here... I wouldn't leave my Kid for work!

Drew is so cute and Amber and Sarah too! The giant Fight with Haddie on tge Field was really to much. I'm glad Haddie told Her friends to stop to attack Her. But in the next Moment I understood Haddie totally! Thank God that tge Fight is over!

Sarah and Adams talk about successful Parents is just touching and beautiful! I totally hate it that I love to see Lauren cry! But so it is!! Sarah should have picked her words carefully when she talked to amber... and when Lauren plays Ball with Miles... I just laughed!!!

Max is the HIGHLIGHT For me in the entire Season! He is doing a really good job! And I Love Adams speech "this is for my Son"

I guess I can skip Julia right? She's kind of annoying too. Not always but sometimes. I liked her day with Haddie but that's all. Syd is such a spoiled Kid! I really want to yell at her!!!

So that's it. I'm back soon !
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