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Harvey and Paula do have good chemistry imo. And I like Paula. I think Harvey gravitated towards her because he trusts her, feels safe- because she knows all about him and is still there- but also because he likes women who are smart, confident, strong willed and have no problem speaking their mind to him. Harvey's a strong personality. Keeping up with him isn't easy. It did surprise me when he flat out said she likely knew him better than anyone. But it is accurate, I think. And, in the end, we saw Harvey not needing or wanting her in a therapy type role. So....we'll see how it goes. Hopefully better than his last attempt.
Harvey wasn't ready for a relationship with either Zoe or Scottie (or Esther, if one can call that a "relationship"). The timing isn't right to pursue a relationship with Donna, and Paula's there. So far, so good...I still want to see that Harvey means it when he says he wants to get to know her better--because he is a workaholic--but, right now, I"m all in with this new romance for Harvey.

I liked Donna bringing up Paula mostly because it addressed what I'd said earlier- that Harvey is okay with Donna moving on. Because he is now. And that's a pretty big deal. I'm glad she didn't magically know he's seeing her. Donna knowing- despite her being Donna- wouldn't be believable imo. Her reaction should be interesting though.
And how Donna finds out will be interesting. I'm glad she didn't just "know" too; Donna's intuitive gifts do factor into her awesomeness, but it's important for Harvey that he learn to navigate his emotional life on his own. If, at some point, Harvey and Paula end their relationship, that should be their decision, for reasons they--and no one else--mutually agree upon.

ETA: Just watched again, and noticed a couple things--

First, Louis's parents made him wear Esther's hand-me-ups? Seriously? No wonder he's in therapy.

Second, in what was almost a throw-away line, Alex says to Harvey, "I went out on a limb for you before" and, later "This is the second time you've done this to me" meaning, Harvey let him down. So, Harvey thinks he owes Alex, for what I hope we learn later.

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