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I liked this episode better than the premiere. And I really liked the premiere.

Donna as COO makes much more sense than partner. It's still a big leap. So, I hope to see her struggle to learn it. The role Harvey proposed to her- something about managing personnel- was close to what she had been doing along with being a secretary. This is that and then a lot more. It should not be an easy transition. And it would be good for Donna if it wasn't. Realistically, everything can't come easy for her. Oh and it needs to be more than one line from Harvey telling her to speak up in meetings.

This episode showcased nicely how much Harvey had grown and is growing personally and professionally.

There's a learning curve to being managing partner and Harvey seeing that what he decides effects everyone was an important starting point. He can't throw around name partnerships or sr partnerships. it was nice to see in the end he heard Jessica, Donna, Louis and Katrina's concerns regarding Alex's deal and Donna's. I especially liked his scene with Katrina because they interact so sparingly. It was a well done, respectful scene between the two.

Jessica and Harvey's final scene was just fantastic. They have such a lovely friendship/mentorship. Love that Jessica will still be part of things.

Louis and Harvey's scene where they both admitted their faults was so well done. Growth for both men. It was really thoughtful of Louis to try so hard to come up with an analogy that Harvey would respond to. I always like when they act like grown ups with each other.

Loved his advice to Mike- it was right on- Mike has no career if he doesn't handle his past from the get-go. So, good for Mike for getting that and figuring out the right way to handle things.

I liked Donna bringing up Paula mostly because it addressed what I'd said earlier- that Harvey is okay with Donna moving on. Because he is now. And that's a pretty big deal. I'm glad she didn't magically know he's seeing her. Donna knowing- despite her being Donna- wouldn't be believable imo. Her reaction should be interesting though.

Harvey and Paula do have good chemistry imo. And I like Paula. I think Harvey gravitated towards her because he trusts her, feels safe- because she knows all about him and is still there- but also because he likes women who are smart, confident, strong willed and have no problem speaking their mind to him. Harvey's a strong personality. Keeping up with him isn't easy. It did surprise me when he flat out said she likely knew him better than anyone. But it is accurate, I think. And, in the end, we saw Harvey not needing or wanting her in a therapy type role. So....we'll see how it goes. Hopefully better than his last attempt.

I loved Harvey's therapy sessions, and what we've seen of Louis' tell me I'll like his just as much. Lots of insight to get there. And Louis is in dire need of getting it together so he doesn't push everyone away.

So far, I like Alex. I have no doubt he'll provide plenty of I like his friendship with Harvey. And it's good to see Dule Hill again. Loved him on West Wing.

And Gretchen is a gem. And hilarious.
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