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"I'll always have time for you, Harvey." I'm so happy to see Jessica, and her continued mentoring of Harvey lends continuity in both their professional and personal relationship.

Love how Mike and Harvey constantly encourage each other to do better, love my babies so much
"Stop apologizing, start intimidating." Speaking of mentoring, ditto the above with Harvey and Mike. Mike's past is always going to follow him, and if he can't stand up for himself, he needs to change careers. Putting his story out there will help too (I think Mike did this once before, when he started working at the clinic last year.)

And, if I may go off-topic for a moment, there are many bromances on television--USA Network has practically re-invented buddy TV with its successful two-handers like Psych, White Collar, and Suits--but one of the ways that Mike and Harvey's relationship is unique is how they consistently put the best interest and well-being of the other ahead of their own. They even fight about being good to each other. Even for a TV friendship, that's rare.

"Your brain is not right." Gretchen gets right to the point, doesn't she.

"And they won back-to-back Super Bowl." I can't think of a character on television more infuriating and endearing than Louis. One never knows which Louis will show up in the conversation but at least he's becoming more self-aware. It's sweet that Louis is trying so hard to win Harvey's affection, but I think he already has it.

"Being a partner should mean something." I loved Katrina in this scene, and I loved that Harvey listened to her. There was a time when Katrina might have attempted to undermine Donna's credibility, but she's learned her lesson.

"I knew you weren't going to let me be partner." Well, of course she knew. Harvey offering Donna COO makes more sense than her being senior partner (though I still don't know exactly what that means).

"You know me better than anyone." At first, Harvey's comment surprised me. But then I remembered she had been his therapist. He told her things about himself he'd never discussed with anyone (including Donna), yet she's still willing to attempt a relationship with him. Harvey feels safe with her. I feel a little sorry for the character since darts and arrows will be thrown her way just for existing. And that's too bad, because Paula has already down a lot for Harvey and even if he and Donna do get together in the future, that wouldn't have been possible without Harvey knowing Paula first.

"Take your chips and go home." It remains to be seen whether Alex will create more problems than he solves, but it should be fun to find out.

Overall, this episode felt like a conclusion to 701. Very satisfying.

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