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Oy! Oy! Oy! I see with my Eye #kraham !

Poor Adam he can't say no! I loved Peter's scene with Mae in the Car. And Kristina is sooooooooo annoying! Dr pallikan this dr pallikan that! Gaby here gaby there.... blah blah blah!

Crosby is such good Father! I like his bonding with Jabbar and Jasmin!

The scene with His Parents at the Diner is really really cute! A minus for Jasmin because she waited to long to tell her family the Truth!

Sidney is just spoiled and Julia is just such a Carrier Woman.... oh boy...

Lets go to Sarah and Mark or Marc... I have no idea hihi!

Just cute! Poor amber she has a thing for him too but he's in love with her Mother... what a sad moment to gear her crying in her room.

To be continued!
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