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Random thoughts while watching Episode 6

I felt a little bad when Crosby was trying to tell his parents about Jabbar. Sarah and Mark are so darn cute. Nice to sea horse you. I really hate the Joel/Julia/Raquel story line.

Would you ask your sister if she had ever faked an orgasm? Is that something a brother and sister talk about? I would never talk about that with my brother, haha.

I did love Camille’s reaction to finding out about Jabbar. She was so genuinely happy.
Seriously Sarah and Mark are way too cute. The passing of the note was great.

Crosby is a good dad.

Random thoughts while watching Episode 7

The scene with Kristina, Julia, and Sarah talking about grooming makes me laugh.
I do feel bad for Adam, but I think he could also learn to say no. It sucks that Sarah broke up with Mark, but she did it for the right reasons.

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