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Sherry, yeah, they made it sound like Henry's wife is from this new Enchanted Forest and this is where the events from the s6 finale were taking place. When Adult Henry & Lucy were on the run from whatever was after them? Definitely rule out Henry running into Dark OQ there, it's not even the same Enchanted Forest, lol. It sounds like another AU version.

Yes, IF Regina, Hook, & Rumple are all AU versions, it sounds like they would still be their fairytale characters only from this new Enchanted Forest but with a different story. No Storybrooke happened to them. People are speculating this would be how the writers keep s1 - s6 intact without disrupting the happy endings|beginnings. But that kind of doesn't add up to A&E claiming they are not moving foward dismissing the first 6 seasons. If everybody BUT grown Henry is a new version of a character, it is dismissing the first 6 seasons. You are starting all over and this should technically be a spin off, not a s7 continuation. Plus, they claim SB will not be forgotten - it could pop up here or there. Why would that even be relevant for all new characters not connected to SB story?

For some of these reasons, I am still leaning towards Regina, Hook, & Rumple being our versions. I saw in one of the photographs on a spoiler site - it had a stone statue which resembled a troll holding or crushing a car figure that appeared to resemble Emma's bug (car). It looked to be at an underpass near Hyperion Heights. So, in a way, I guess Emma is acknowledged in this new place & not sure how much it would matter to do that if all these new characters never had Emma, the Savior, in their reality. So I am going to assume for now, Regina, Hook, Rumple & adult Henry remain the Hyperion Heughts characters connected to that. Also, there would be a lot of filler required to explain why Regina might no longer be the EQ anymore or why she still is and was so easy to curse back in this new EF if she wasn't already our Regina.

Lucy's statement about Henry's family needing him could just be in reference to herself and her mother. Or it could mean the larger family. I've been assuming she meant the entire family, but maybe not.
I never thought about it in those terms but, yeah, you could be right. Ugh. Although, there still lies some hope in the fact that Lucy was referring to the others as well because she had the book with the picture of them inside Granny's. So I hope that is still relevant.

I just really want it to be our Regina because considering the fact we are getting a flashback scene with Jared Gilmore's Henry saying goodbye to Regina, I really want a reunion that comes full circle to that. Stranger AU Regina|Adult Henry just won't be the same and right now, the Regina| Henry relationship is the most I have to look forward to and maybe some Regina & Lucy. Don't know how I will feel about Henry's new romantic relationship until I see it.

Some people are speculating Hook might be a single dad in this new place, new cursed identity because the question was asked if CS had a child and apparently that will be addressed right away. Meanwhile, nothing revealing about Regina and she can never even get a love interest that sticks *sighs* Apparently, in filming, they saw Colin dressed in uniform so he could be a cop|dupty with the name or last name Rogers? Hm.
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