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Ok the idea of Rapey McChildmurderer being Audrey's son is truly disturbing. At first I thought the whole Bad Cooper raping Audrey in a coma and getting her pregnant theory was far-fetched and ridiculous. It still seems far-fetched, but it seems more and more likely that's where this is going.

Seeing the Log Lady again was a nice surprise. I got a feeling she was hinting they needed Laura to bring the light back. I enjoyed the Rebecca Del Rio performance. She has a great voice. Also nice to see Nadine's drape runner shop from spoiler pics finally make an appearance, with a golden shovel in the window no-less.

Was a bit confused when Janey-E said Dougie was great in the sack after he just sat there flopping like a fish. Funny scene, anyway. I liked his facial expressions and Sonny-Jim's reaction. Also, I hope the doctor didn't just do a physical and got a psych work up or brain scan on him done. I wonder when we will get those hand print results from the last episode that they got from Dougie's cup? They are too busy arresting Ike the Spike at the moment.
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