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Been really busy but has anybody else kept up on the spoilers coming from a recent D23 Expo panel? There's some talk & confusion over whether all the characters, except Henry, are AU versions - including Regina, Hook, & Rumple? I mean, is Adult Henry going to be the only original character coming back? If so, that's going to put a huge damper on the new story for me because that would mean this new cursed AU Regina is a complete stranger to Henry, NOT the mom who raised him. And I was getting my hopes up for their reunion. I would just be so clueless on what would be done with Regina.

News on who Lucy's mom will be came out: she's a new version of Cinderella. I expected Lucy's mom to be a whole new character we hadn't seen, are they literally just going to respin characters they already did in different book versions? Yikes.

Also, a lot of questions asked seemed to be focused on Hook. What it meant for CS, if they had a baby, if Adult Henry & Hook could do something together because he's his step dad (maybe?), and the first couple episodes sound like they will revolve alot around Hook. The second of the new season is his centric. Disappointed not to see anything specific get asked about Regina, not even for Rumple.

Maybe Colin is the new lead then (ie. Gets 1st cast billing).

Maybe they really are starting everything over? This would be a hard reboot, then, not a soft one like they claimed. But then Lucy's words to Henry in the s6 finale make no sense because didn't she tell Adult Henry his family needed him? An AU Hook, Regina, and Rumple would not be his family. Not his version. So confusing.
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