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I only saw the Notice for Random Fandom Fun tonight, so a little behind. Not sure if this counts as I had posted on a couple Boards on July 11th, but might as well include them.

Entry 3
Board visited: Jason Behr
I posted at: Photos of our favorite guy Thread
1) Photos of our favorite guy - Jason! #65

Entry 4
Board visited: Fringe Board
I posted at: Peter & Olivia Appreciation Thread
1) Peter ღ Olivia Appreciation Thread #56: "Because they are the most unconventional couple ever"
2) Peter Bishop / Joshua Jackson #51: Because we're curious about what Josh does for fun


Entry 1
Board visited: Stephen Amell
This board is Moderated by: we are not alone
Is there an Affiliated site linked to the board? Yes, There are actually 5 Affiliated sites for this Board

Board visited: Stephen Amell Board
I posted at: Stephen Amell Photo Thread
1) Stephen Amell Photo Thread #4: Because we love when there are adorkable pictures of him


Entry 2
Board visited: Arrow
I posted at: General Arrow Thread
2) Arrow General Thread #1: The Pilot airs October 10th are you prepared to see the Green Archer again?
Previous entries: I posted in the Stephen Amell Photo thread and Arrow Boards on July 11th but just recording it now.
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