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Originally Posted by kathiLGfan (View Post)
I don't say that she didn't deserve her Nomination. But it's really sad that Lauren Graham the Woman who has given us soo much... we all want her to get anything for her hard work
I know, I didn't mean to imply that. I guess I just feel like Alexis's nomination and Lauren's lack of a nomination are completely unconnected, especially because Alexis was nominated in a different category for a different show. But I understand why you're disappointed. I guess all I can say in consolation is that I think Lauren is okay without the nomination and is filled with pride for her work on the show, which is a reward in itself.
I thought her tweet to Alexis was sweet.

I really enjoyed this TVLine podcast about the Emmys. (They start talking about Lauren around 8 minutes and then again at 14:30, but the whole conversation was very interesting to me.)

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