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Originally Posted by we are not alone (View Post)
Thanks for that gif, Sarah! I need one of Danielle in a towel now. And I hope you get some sleep soon, Sarah.

It's Iris I find boring, sum1. I've never seen Candice in anything else, so I can't judge her beyond that. I literally never heard of her before The Flash. I did see Danielle in a lot of other things before The Flash, though.

I know they had Luke Cage calling himself "Cage" in the 90's, sum1. And I didn't appreciate them shaving his head and giving him that thug image. There was nothing wrong with his original image of being the superhero version of Shaft. And again, what's wrong with Power Man? Marvel has a Wonder Man, Iron Man, Iceman, Ant-Man, Giant-Man, and a Spider-Man, so what's wrong with calling Luke Power Man?

Okay, I'm off for vacation! I'll see you guys later, and I'll post as often as I can while I'm on vacation so it's not like you won't see me around. Be back in 11 days!
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