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Originally Posted by CohenGal (View Post)
I saw and loved that; Lauren does great back-up vocals. I hope Lauren accepts her challenge!
I hope she does too!

I have been Hamilton obsessed for 3.5 months, I was a little late to the party in terms of really paying attention to the soundtrack. On my road trip back in March, we listened to pretty much all Broadway and Disney musicals, so I heard a lot of Hamilton and bought the soundtrack the minute I got home.

When I went to Disney a few weeks ago, I was with one of the same friends, so we decided to start the Hamilton soundtrack on our trips back and forth to Disney from our hotel each day which was about 25 minutes away, and we got through the whole thing with about 10 minutes to spare on our last day before my friend had to go home. HA. It was nearly perfect timing.

I entered to win the tickets for LA, and I'm also going to try to get tickets when it comes to Seattle next year.
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