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I'm also not a huge fan of Kristina in these early episodes either. But they really picked perfect actors for these roles.

Here’s my thoughts on episode 4
Ah, poor Drew and all his showering.
Lauren asking Peter about it was funny.

I really dislike Haddie in these episodes. But, I guess her behavior was pretty typically teenage. Crosby and Jabbar were pretty cute together. And Amber babysitting was sweet. You can see the beginning of Lauren and Mae’s friendship.

Loved the basketball and family scene at the end, with the Josh Ritter song. Julia and Sarah crack me up, and how Adam reacts to Steve and Haddie. This is one of my favorite scenes in the whole series.

And here are my thoughts on episode 5
I love the big family scenes.
Oh, Mark and Sarah! They are so charming together, and it’s clear they have great chemistry. It was really nice that Drew got Max interested in baseball, and that he got to spend so much time with Adam. Crosby was totally in the right with wanting a paternity test. Just to cover his legal rights, should something ever go wrong between and him and Jasmine, or should something happen to Jasmine. He just didn’t really go about it in the right way at first. Glad she finally realized it.
Oh, this is where they break into the pool. I thought it got cut from an earlier episode by Netflix. Glad it didn’t.

Back later with more...

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