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Intro, rules, board guide & birthdays #10 ~ What every QaF fan should know!

We have many 'guests' here that read our board but haven't joined Fan Forum. I wanted to welcome you and invite you to become a member. Fan Forum is a great, friendly community and offers the best in entertainment news and discussions at a wide variety of boards. We're all here for the same reason and whether you're a longtime fan or a new fan - we're all the same.

Joining Fan Forum consists of just 3 simple pages of steps:

Page 1 - Asks whether you're over or under 13 years of age.

Page 2 - States Fan Forum rules and asks you to agree to them.

Page 3 - Asks for a username, password, your e-mail, and your time zone.

That's it. It's simple and easy and doesn't require your real name or anything very personal. Your e-mail is also kept absolutely confidential and will never be given out for soliciting purposes.

To join please go here.

We are the gayest board around so take a moment to register. We're always happy to have new people so don't be shy & post away. To get an overview of threads check out our up to date board guide below.
If anyone should have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to PM Deborah or Denise or Daggi. We hope to see you on the boards soon!


Additional guidelines to the official FanForum rules

1. Please do not open any anti-threads. There is a lot of negativity in the real world, so we don't want to add to that on this board with anti-threads. With that being said, please do not openly bash any characters. It is fine to say that you don't like a character and why, but please refrain from doing it in the character's appreciation thread, and do not use any cussing for this.

2. Please do not make a post that only consists of a smiley/smilies or one word (game threads are the exception). Furthermore, please try to post at least something that contributes to the discussion or talk in general. Picture posts are fine, as long as they don't exceed the maximum number of pictures allowed per page (see #3) and you add at least some text to it.

3. Not everyone has DSL or a similar connection, so please keep picture posts as small as possible. We all love to look at pictures and screencaps, but those with slower connections have problems with the pictures loading, so please be considerate and keep the maximum posts of pictures per page to 25 full pictures. It would be even better, if you could post thumbnails of the pics. If you do that, you can post up to 50 pictures per page as long as the thumbnails aren't larger than 200x200 pixels.

4. Please do not link to any download sites, and we would prefer that you don't overtly talk about these types of sites. Very small audio files of certain 10 second scenes are fine and so are some links to YouTube or other video clip sites, as long as it isn't illegal. Full songs, episodes of shows or even movies are not fine. This is only endangering the boards and doesn't help us at all. When we see posts with such links, they will immediately be edited out of the posts without prior warning.

5. In addition to rule number 1, we ask you to not flame/bash any other posters. Sure, we can't get along all the time, but it's not necessary to fight here. If you disagree with someone, you could try to talk to this person through PMs.


The Birthday List

Comment on the Birthday Thread to be added to the list!

7 - goldie1990
8 - Giotto
26 - Kat H, I'm Brian Kinney, FFS

11 - Harris Allan (Hunter Novotny-Bruckner)
22 - Scott Lowell

QAF Board On Since 2002
9 - SojournHeart11
16 -Denise Black (Hazel) - UK
18 -QAF Finale Episode Scene Wrapped
24 - ♥ Gale's Fragile Beauty ♥

5 - Thea Gill
8 - soulmatejunkee
10 - Charlie Hunnam (Nathan) - UK
24 - Dean Armstrong, Aidan Gillen (Stuart) - UK

20 - Jordan
31 - Sharon Gless,

20 -Peter Paige
24 - Fiona
24 - Sherry Miller (Jennifer Taylor)
25 - Ryan Scott Greene (Brandon)

10 - Gale Harold
13 - Robert Gant
22 - Hermione Weasley
24 - Calgaryfan2006

5 - Jack Wetherall (Vic Grassi) - Anthony Cotton (Alexander) - UK
7 - QAF Series Finale - 2005
23 - Chris Potter

24 - varo_kamry
25 - Hal Sparks, Matt Battaglia (Drew Boyd)

1 - Chris31
18 - daggerrose
22 - cookiebun
31 - Craig Kelly (Vince) - UK

2 - Randy Harrison, Jason Merrells (Phil) - UK
7 - Michelle Clunie
13 - Makyla Smith (Daphne Chanders)
30 - Fab Filippo

3 - galesgirl645
3 - QAF Premiere Anniversary 2000
29 - Dlyn




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Past Intro, rules, board guide & birthdays

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