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Originally Posted by FireQueen (View Post)
OMG Barry didn't kill Dante and Baby Sara

I have no problem with Cisco being mad because he had a brother, then Barry time travels and his brother is dead. He did the math and lashed out.

As for Baby Sara, that was a stupid change and the Arrow writing team is to blame. Barry didn't go and kill the kid with his own hands. The Arrow fans should ask Guggenheim and co. why they decided to give Diggle a boy and not a girl instead of blaming everything on Barry because they can't stand that The Flash is the CW golden child.
I totally agree, but that's what he gets accused of and I am so tired of it. that's what I mean about why did Grant get the part of Barry? does Guggenheim make Barry be awesome on his Arrow show, so he can turn around and use his time travel **** to benefit their stories. nothing really to do with my rant. but this video is so good and heart wrenching.
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