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M y Thoughts so far on S01! The Pilot was truly amazing! The switch from Maura to Lauren is Almost not to see. I loved Mae and Lauren together from theur very first Scene! Milrs was sooooo cute and he really is a good Actor! Peter is such a fantastic Adam! There couldn't have been a better Actor for tjis Role! By the Way... S01e04! The look he gives to Lauren and She gives to Him shows me the Start of Kraham! Monica is a priceless Actor but I don't like Kristina that much... Max and all the others doing a great job too!

Let's start with the Autism Topic! I really loved the Storyline for Max and His Problems! He's just really really really great at it! And So is Monica, Sarah and Peter! Crosby has a strong Storyline too. I like his Moments with His Son. But I really love the Scenes inside of The Family... the Dinners and the Danceparty! Lauren looks just beautiful on every single Scene she does! Even with Motor oil on her Hands! Her Scenes with Jason Ritter are really really cute! I shipped Them so hard in the early Seasons... the Guest stars are great too.

To be continued! I keep in touch!
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