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Originally Posted by FireQueen (View Post)
I hope they do something fun with the Speed Force this time around. The last trip into the Speed Force was depressing af

I love Legends of Tomorrow because they are not afraid of being silly. I wish The Flash didn't take itself so seriously all the time. It's a comic book show. It should be fun. We need the S1 feeling back. Barry should have a lighter attitude when he comes back, especially now that he's atoned for Flashpoint.
That will always be my biggest let down about the flash, its a comic book and the whole flashpoint could of waited. Barry will never be atoned for Flashpoint, Cisco fans are forever getting on him about Dante death and the whole Baby Sara thing just just bothers me how blogs are made up for Anti-Barry because he killed baby Sara. The comic was enough damage the writer did not have to add that stuff.
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