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I actually liked the Hybrid Chronicals. It was a fun exploration of the central idea of where they come from. Their human DNA. It was a fun mystery for Maria and Michael. And showed maybe the parents weren't so oblivious.

I liked how it showed Max was jealous of Liz and Sean Deluca.

I don't care about the Dupes. Although I didn't mind Ava.

I accept that everything happened. Because it made Max and Liz stronger. They could get married at age 18 because of everything they went through. Sure, some of the obstacles like the baby shouldn't have happened or they should have revealed someone was the father, like Kyle or it was a mindwarp.

But you couldn't send Kyle off if the baby was his...
One shooting. One healing. Soulmates were discovered.
Death may have tried interceding but they could never die.
Max and Liz forever!
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