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Here's my thoughts so far.

Episode 1
Happy to be starting this show again.
Wow, Max looks soooo young. I forgot how overbearing Zeke was. Sarah at the police station was so heart breaking. Lauren looked really pretty in this episode, at the police station, and on the date. Poor Adam is so overstressed. Sarah and Drew at the gas station was also sad. Jabbar is so cute and little!

Episode 2
I forgot the Netflix version has a different title song. I miss the other version. Wow, the Lessings are really overwhelming! Teenagers (Amber & Drew) are the worst. Watching the Joel/Julia/Raquel makes me uncomfortable. The ending with them smoking pot was funny. Lauren patting down Peter was cheeky

Episode 3
Weird, Netflix now has the real title song back. Julia still bugs me. I get that she’s trying to bond with her kid, but I don’t have much sympathy for her. I adore the swimming scene at the end, and they have the perfect song for it. It’s one of my favorite scenes to re-watch. Wasn’t there a scene in this episode where Julia and Joel break into the pool at night? If so, Netflix cut it out. Or was that in a different episode?

I think Parenthood makes great use of their music. I have to give props to their musical director(s).
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